Perzyn Jan 28 @ 2:27pm
Steam Edition and Uplay
I have retail copy of the game without add ons and it requires logging in to Uplay in order to play. Since some other Ubisoft games that I have aquired through Steam go Uplay as well, I assume steam edition does this as well, but I'd like to be sure.

I'm asking since I find Uplay horrendous enough to be willing to buy game once more if only to avoid it.

Thanks for answers.
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Kasumi Tani Jan 29 @ 1:49am 
Steam edition also requires Uplay to play, as I imagine most/all Ubisoft's newer games will.

And I think Uplay is pretty decent, by the way
Dracon Feb 12 @ 10:57am 
They are connected to each other and you need both to run Heroes 6
Alpiñolo Feb 20 @ 10:45am 
So, just wait until you get a 75 % off in a web that won't force you to use Steam (like Nuuvem or Amazon), as you will have to use Uplay no matter what.
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