The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom - Gold Edition
Steam 熱門攻略 編撰攻略、參考說明以及過關指南
Русификация игры
由 SDO92
Для русификации игры(текст, звук) скачайте этот архив (способ установки будет в архиве) disk. yandex. ru/public/?hash=92E2YwRJi/x3w5xPaE5J0dgqe%2BLJTPfIA67NyzIZS6Q%3D русикат...
Campaign Mission 12 - The Final Frontier Walkthrough
由 DeathMaster
The final mission of the original campaign is also one of the hardest. While it’s easy to get overrun while playing in a normal fashion, it’s also rather easy to complete following these steps....