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Карта артефактов в нашем времени и арлекинов в прошлом+артбук ACII
by cpt_Bober
Прохождение истины в Assassins Creed: Brotherhood
by 3Pio
Assassin's Creed Bortherhood: A Collectibles Guide
by meme12345bunny
Maps and locations of the many collectibles in the game, for those who want to get as close to 100% completion of the game as possible!...
Расположение глифов
by Vasmad
На данной странице вы найдете месторасположение всех глифов с небольшим описанием по их поиску....
Русификатор Assassin's Creed Brotherhood
Руководство о русификации Assassin's Creed Brotherhood ...
Руководство для новичков по ACB
by SDT.AmaDeuS
В этом руководстве я хочу поделиться своими знаниями об игре, я расскажу вам как русифицировать игру и как зарабатывать, а так же дам нескол...
ACB - Unlockables (English)
by {ƬȊØ}:ʂĭʀŦąƈø:
A quick reference to how to unlock the unlockables in Assassins Creed: Brotherhood...
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Multiplayer Beginners Guids
by Gamercraze
This guide will help the newer people of the Multiplayer to a brand new type of gameplay and score high as well as achive high....
Weapon Glitch
by Zottelchen
How to get weapons/armor with nearly no money....
Trade Objects : Retail Price Guide
by †LK†EagleWatch
Hello, fellow assassins ! This guide will accurately show you all prices for trade objects in the game. These are the items you accumulate by tackling Borgia's messenger and thieves, by finding treasures and by sending Assassin's Recruits on off-shore...
Flags, feathers & rifts
by horodep
Feathers 10 of 10 Flags 83 of 101 (on map) + 84-101 of 101 (on words) Rifts 9...
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Костюмы
by WadimKa
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Mac
by TheBeatsGoBoom
Can't play your game? Well here's how....
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Female Recruits
by Stary
Yeah, I am one of those who sometimes want to recruit female assassins only. :D It's a very short guide. Here, I will share my experience of recruiting female assassins. (for my case, the Blondes as they are rarest among them) :P There are 3 types s...
AC: Brotherhood Multiplayer Challenges and Tier 3 Rewards
by hoimingmissile
This is a list of all the multiplayer Challenges and the rewards you will receive upon completion of their third tiers. First and second tier rewards are always certain amounts of experience points. Tier 3 is where the skill unlocks reside! Yes, all o...
Hints and Tips
by mbutton15
A few notes on helping get through the basics of this game....
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood - čeština
by Trenak =)
Ahojky, máme tu češtinu na AS:B která funguje bez problémů. Stáčí stáhnout 2 Soubory. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [url=
Коды в игре Assassin's Creed Brotherhood
by Gefallen Engel
В данном руководстве содержится информация о существующих кодах в игре Assassin's Creed Brotherhood....
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