Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic
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Como aceptar y hacer misiones del modo campaña/How accept & do missions of the campaign mode
作者: -=|ąÐř|=-
El juego tiene un ''problema'' y cuando comienzas el modo campaña se suele hacer el tutorial en el cual te quedas atrapado al terminarlo sin poder aceptar ninguna mision''No aparecen los simbolos de mision'' , no es una proteccion anti pirateria ni nada ...
Complete Guide For Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic
作者: Sandman
Last edit: 28th December 2014 Active updating, comment with questions or additions....
Deck gun, Keyboard commands and some Tactics
作者: Astrogoat
This guide is for those who just don't understand the game and need a little help or if you've just started the game. We will cover how to use the deck gun manually, How to command the submarine from your keyboard and some basic tactics when engaging/evad...
Silent Hunter 5: How to fix UPlay Crashing on Startup
作者: [EGC]TheElite96
Uplay Crashing on startup of SH5? Annoying Right? Heres How to fix it....