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GiantSheeps 2012年11月24日 19時00分
Limbo won't open...
Ive been trying to play on a mac, but every time a try to play it, the screen turns black and my computer says, "the application quit unexpectedly". this does not happen with any of my other games... help?
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flyys3000 2012年11月27日 22時42分 
Same problem here. Apparently it might have to do with the age of your Mac. I went to the official site for answers, and they clearly state on their download page that Limbo won't work on pre-2009 Macs. Mine is 2008, so I'm assuming that's why the game won't load.
dads against cussing 2012年12月29日 7時28分 
Indeed, it seems to be an issue of age. I just wish there was some way to fix it.
Tori 2013年1月2日 17時07分 
Same issue, but I have a 2011 mac.
nineunderground 2013年2月27日 12時55分 
Same for me. That's stupid!! Eh valve team, stop counting dollars and help us please!!!
Mine is intel Graphic cards MAC and running OSX Lion
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°cellcommander2﹏。* 2013年3月24日 1時08分 
Same problem on my friends mac
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