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TE| Genius O_o 2013年2月13日下午12:50
Limbo funny video's
Hi everyone.

I recently started playing Limbo and I must say i died...alot. But i really love this game!
So i started making a series of video's about it and it's turning out pretty funny.

So if you like to see one of them, here is the link to my channel

if you don't like them...well sorry for wasting your bandwith.
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melonbeton 2013年2月13日下午1:09 
The game gets better and better. And the ways to die get funnier and funnier. Have fun!
TE| Genius O_o 2013年2月13日下午1:48 
Oh my...I'm in for a threat ;)
TE| Genius O_o 2013年2月16日下午4:41 
Hey i have added a video with a cool intro...check it out let me know what you think
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