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Name not found Nov 30, 2013 @ 2:08pm
Limbo the game real meaning
First of all get this. Limbo is a place where people go to when they die. Christens believe that if you die with unfinished business, you don't go to heaven or hell. You go to limbo. In limbo it's where you continue living as a ghost in the real world, meeting with the real world. It will take you thousands of years going through problems and after finishing, deciding weather u should go to hell or heaven. These "Problems" i guess are the obstacles in the game you have to pass. The boy the game post as is most likely dead and in limbo. His unfinished business would have to be that girl right? He's dead for some reason and he needs the girl to finish his business to either go to hell or heaven. So the game is mainly about how a boy dies and goes to limbo. This is just a theory but the tittle should give us a big clue. U can search Limbo on google and it will most likely tell you about the place people go to when they die with unfinished business.
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Sir Murloc Nov 30, 2013 @ 10:18pm 
i just finished the game, like 10 secs ago and then read your post, makes sense i guess although i thought the girl was the boy's sister and the ending just gives away to many interpretations, like they both died and he tried to find her, he killed himself and entered limbo just to look for her sister or he entered there to accept her sister's death or he couldnt accept it at all. personally i loved the ending an the game in general.
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LotsOfLore Dec 1, 2013 @ 6:35pm 
Wonderful game, deeply moving and sad.
I like this interpretation best, but, with a few differences of my own:

1) Both kids must be dead at the time of the end scene, where they find themselves in a timeless representation of their tree house (the real place is wrecked and has their rotting bodies, in the credits scene). This could represent a sort of reunion of the two souls in death, but:
2) Their death must have had something to do with the tree house, because that's where their corpses are, and thus no car crash in my opinion. And,
3) I feel like the boy might be somehow responsible (or at least feel responsible) for their death. That could explain his odyssey in Limbo and all the perils he had to face as a metaphor for his sense of guilt. Therefore, coming back to 1), the fact that the girl is startled by his presence could represent his fear of not being forgiven, even after limbo and back (also for the fact that he approaches her stealthily).
We don't know how the sister will react.
That, to me, is like saying: guilt is crushing, terrible. But even worse, is not being able to bring closure to it. It takes courage and determination.
His sister could start running away, like every other human he encountered in his journey, and he will go after her. Eventually he will reach her and be forgiven. Rest in peace.
How about a HUGE spoiler tag mayhaps?;)
BigSisterNor Dec 9, 2013 @ 1:52pm 
Do you think the girl killed herself after the boy died? Yes, he may have killed both of them, but do you remember the scene in which the boy comes across what appears to be a young girl sitting on the ground, only to find that she is a hanging body? Any why else would hanging bodies populate the middle of the game?
I just had the feeling that they were both killed by whatever, doesn't REALLY matter, maybe a murder or an accident while they were playing together. The boy was trapped in limbo because he didnt know the ultimate fate of his sister so he had to find out before he could be at peace.
Name not found Jan 14, 2014 @ 4:15pm 
All we saw at the end of the game was the girl holding flowers... if they were both in limbo... they that means the boy just needed to see her one more time before he goes to heaven or hell
I like to think that they were both staying at a HOTEL, and they snuck onto the roof and fell through the glass celing. That puzzle really stuck out to me, and smashing through the glass at the end reminded me of it.
小天鹅 Jan 27, 2014 @ 8:41pm 
Name not found Apr 29, 2014 @ 12:41pm 
Every SINGLE detail in this game explains the death of the boy or the girl
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