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pokrishka Feb 4, 2014 @ 12:31am
Scoring Limbo first level with music
Hi guys,

There was(is) a Limbo-related audio contest going on ( In it composers and sound engineers could manipulate sounds in Limbo to suite their vision.

So I took the first level, included in Demo (up to the spider encounter) and tried to compose music for it:

The music I've created works like this: multiple layers of consonant soundscapes were composed and arranged within the map. The final mix is then determined by the player - if he stays idle in some places, music can get intensified, if he moves to the darker regions it will get murkier, if he comes to a well lit area - music will get gentle.

I've tried to make it into a constant flow maintaining the sense of obscurity and threatenig stillness magic that this game has throughout its entirety.

Hope you would enjoy this piece. While this music is a little bit interactive, it might be more interesting to run around the level on your own, so I've uplaoded a demo with music added here:

It's a free demo with a link to purchase game, so I'm sure it should be fine to post it.
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LIMBO > General Discussions > Topic Details
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