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Grand Tickler Jul 4 @ 8:38pm
I was disappointed at the ending, but its still a really good game

this is a really good game and I totally love it and will probably play it again a couple times. However the ending is quite...anticlimatic. To be honest..When I finished I thought it was some really cool surreal thing that would DEFINE being in limbo. I thought that when you crashed through the wall at the end...and end up waking up in a forest...that you actually literally end up in the beginning of the game again and everything repeats over. I was like.. OMG THIS ENDING IS AMAZING IT DEFINES BEING IN LIMBO bla bla bla then I walk over and saw the REAL ending...I was like... aww man. :(

Haha But I still really love this game. Very rage inducing
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sarimura Jul 5 @ 3:29pm 
They are making a new game called "inside" and I can't wait!
Grand Tickler Jul 5 @ 8:08pm 
Really? :D Cant wait
Trevor Jul 6 @ 10:43am 
"INSIDE will debut on Xbox early 2015." Well, the same happend to LIMBO, before it got a PC version.
With the Linux version out too, I had very high hopes not be an excusive. Even if it might be temporarily.
dmitryshm Aug 17 @ 1:25am 
The ending wasn't so disappointing for me too. It was quiet and mysterious as the game was. It was completely according to the style of the things.
nad_chario Aug 17 @ 7:58am 
Perfect ending, of a perfect game
I'm lovin it!
Valdraya Sep 26 @ 11:02pm 
I don't understand why the ending is so drawn out... I understand they were going for dramatic but really.. I went to make some tea and came back and I still wasn't back in control of my character, it felt like it was lagging badly or something. Not just trying to hate or anything, just my opinion
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