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Fixing the multiplayer
by Phrix889
A guide to fixing an issue with the multiplayer that affects all Steam owners of Shift 2 Unleashed....
Shift 2: What car is best for me?
by Drrt4
I'll be going over all of the cars in Shift 2 and giving my thoughts on them and what kind of driver would fit best in said car. And status for those guys....
After Install, Game Doesn't Start [Fix]
by Miubot555
Problem I had when I fist installed game. This worked for me. It's pretty simple....
How to fix fps!
by danodude
I found a way to fix the fps!...
How to fix poor driving physics with one mod
by Paranoia
Thanks to this guide you will change your Shift 2 driving physics into Forza/Gran Turismo experience for PC. It supports gamepads and steering wheels. Installation is very easy....