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Stabbert 2013年6月30日下午12:11
Add me for Autolog friend
Name is Stabbert, anyone interested in having someone to comparre challenges with and the like, feel free.
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thejackalinthetor 2013年7月9日下午8:15 
Done. :)
Stabbert 2013年7月10日上午8:34 
thanks you sir :)
pollster 2013年7月10日上午10:56 
Please add me too gents :)
pollster 2013年7月10日下午12:49 
Oops, forgot to mention, my autolog name is - pollster360
DimensiO 2013年7月10日下午2:03 
Please add me aswell. I think its DimensiO
Stabbert 2013年7月10日下午3:58 
Added pollster360 and dimensiO.... should be a friend request next time you go into Autolog in game
Raymi 2013年7月10日下午9:49 
Been playing for awhile w/o assists on the "elite" handling setting. If you want some tips I'd be happy to try and help, my wheel and pedal setup unfortunately is limited to sequential shifting though.
最后由 Raymi 编辑于; 2013年7月13日下午8:35
♥Buddha♥ 2013年7月11日上午2:06 
hell why not. Mine is BuddhasEarlobe! Im downloading it now and I will add y'all when its done!
DimensiO 2013年7月11日上午2:12 
This is a pretty neat feature. Sadly it doesn't include what difficulty you drive on. I drive on hard with no assists.
Stabbert 2013年7月11日下午12:02 
It's pretty fun. I suck at it so far but hopefully I provide a little challenge later on.... lol
oipic 2013年7月12日下午7:56 
Hi guys - I've just sent friend requests the way of all of you, I hope that's okay.

I suspect I'll be handy as someone to fill the very bottom/slowest spots on your leaderboards!

My autolog name is oipic, if anyone else would like to add me as well. Cheers.
KK 2013年7月12日下午11:44 
Autolog name: KingC1218

Just added all of you above except thejackalinthetor cos i dont have you autolog name.
最后由 KK 编辑于; 2013年7月12日下午11:50
Stabbert 2013年7月13日上午7:19 
Thanks for the add guys. If any of you are new to the game and are unsure how autolog works, feel free to ask.
Empo 2013年7月14日上午7:27 
Hi guys! Just added
Waiting for your accept! My autolog name : EmpoGT, and im playing on hard w/o any assists.
Stabbert 2013年7月14日上午7:58 
awesome, more people to kick my ♥♥♥ =).
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