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Как быстро заработать в The Sims 3.
od Rick
Вам надоело каждый день отправлять своих симов на работу в «кроличьи норы»? Или целыми днями ухаживать за детьми, работая няней за гроши? Ил...
Sims 3: Mastering the Gardening Career
od marstinson
Nothing fancy here. Just a look at how to master the Gardening career path and earn a few Simoleons in the process. I'm assuming that you have Ambitions installed. Otherwise Gardening will be little more than a hobby or sideline to your main career....
Non-Traditional Pregnancy in The Sims
od marstinson
A quick-and-dirty guide for gay or lesbian Sims to produce children through in-game methods, cheats and mods....
Sims 3: University Life
od marstinson
Getting a degree without eating Ramen....
Installing HQ Mods
od CatPotato
This guide is to walkthrough the at-first-complicating process of installing HQ mods for your game, although you can and may find many of them on the internet, they are directions for the Origin bought game which is located in a seemingly different area a...
Custom Content Basics - The Sims 3
od VenuS ♡
As requested, a simple guide explaining how to install Custom Content in The Sims 3......
Challenge Time
od Dragon's Bane
This is a guide that shows challenges, pretty much ones that I made up. I hope you enjoy <3 -Josh...
The Sims (TM) 3: Unlikely Trait Mixes
od 壊滅的な(CATastrophic)
These are some interesting mixes that will help your Sims with some traits and lifestyles....
For Package " lovers "
od aishiteru∞
Hello guys, this little guide I want to introduce to people who may not be familiar with this program (of course, in these modern times it is impossible, but still ^_^) Of course, many players like to download tons of materials, MODS (for weather,graphic...
1 2 3 Hello Modding!
od ★ Comrade Pinky #100k
Simple guide on how to create a portrait mod for Sims 3! Text AND video guide. し(*・∀・)/♡\(・∀・*) ///...
House Ideas
od punzi
This is a guide for building a home in the sims 3....
Sims 3 All Traits Part 2 [ NOT FOR DLC'S]
od Nate
This is the 2nd part for all The Sims 3 traits [ NOT FOR DLC'S]. NOTE: I was up late at night making this guide. There might be some spelling errors, my apology. Part 1:
The Sims 3 All Traits Part 1 [ NOT FOR DLC'S ]
od Nate
This is a list of all the traits in The Sims 3. DLC's traits are not included in this guide. NOTE: I was up late at night making this guide. There might be some spelling errors, my apology. Part 2:
Servant Life <3
od ★ Comrade Pinky #100k
How to obtain a slav- ahem, servant for free. * A cute servant for free. "D...
Vogue Baby Rooms
od ★ Comrade Pinky #100k
Chic style on a budget! ⊂(´・◡・⊂ )∘˚˳ Sims Catalogue #1....
Real Basements - The Sims 3
od VenuS ♡
A simple guide to build realistic basements.....
How to Live Underground
od jespmoo234
If you want to live underground and do it well enough to never have to go back to the surface, this guide is for you!...
Pregnancy - The Sims 3
od VenuS ♡
In this guide I will share some tips of the various methods to make a baby, choose the desired gender, number and traits....
How to Hobo: A sims guide
Every dreamed of seeing the world, is the everyday life taken a toll on your happiness, then take it to the streets and become a hobo, where the treasures are usually junk and the trash just as smelly This guide will teach how to play sims as a hobo, i...
100% dank memes scope hax in ollominati
od Plonk
Whalecum to da guide of oiled hobos and turtle porn n dank memes jk der is nothin here #9 yers old trolled...
The Sims(TM) 3 Cheats
od KidKandi ✌ ☂
Looking for easy cheats for money, relationships, mood, and more? Well here is a guild for many cheats in the Sims 3....
What to do if you forgot your sign in details:
od DrunkstepChicken656
Sims 3 How To Get Married
od {KI}ProGamerProgramz{FF}
If you wanna know how to get a girlfriend or boyfriend look at my other guide Sims 3 How To Get A Girlfriend/Boyfriend and i hope you like this guide....
Sims 3 How To Get A Boyfriend Or Girlfriend
od {KI}ProGamerProgramz{FF}
So do you want a girlfriend or boyfriend in the sims well youve came to the right guide....
World Adventures Guide
od marstinson
Hints and tips for the World Adventures expansion pack on Windows PC. Not much in the way of full-blown spoilers since those have been done elsewhere (see the "Concluding Thoughts" section for links)....
Discovering Traits in The Sims 3
od marstinson
If you're frustrated and at a loss on discovering the personality traits of your Sims, then here's a good place to start. You will not find a solution to every situation (because I don't know them), but you'll at least walk away with a good handle on the ...
How to Distort The Sims 3
od Cyannide Robofrog
Have you ever seen streched or distorted models in The Sims 3? Well, usually they're glitches and bugs. But you can make them happen on purpose. Here's how....
Migrating The Sims 3 to the Origin Client
od marstinson
At some point in time, players are going to be faced with the question, "do I keep this game on Steam or migrate to Origin?" If you choose to migrate, this guide will help you avoid several of the potholes on the road. This guide DOES NOT prefer one clien...
Toubleshooting for The Sims 3
od cruinne
The Sims 3 is a great game, but it's also a resource-intensive game with a lot of quirks. With all this, it can be hard sometimes to get it running properly. This guide covers basic and advanced troubleshooting for the PC version of The Sims 3....
How to kill, revive, and then kill your sim again.
od Matt
Sick of your Sim so much that you want to kill him, revive him , and then kill him off again? Look no further....
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