The Sims(TM) 3

The Sims(TM) 3

Huggable Cube Feb 25, 2013 @ 7:59am
if i but it on steam, do i still need origin?
simply what it says in the title
If i buy sims 3 on steam will i still need to download/install origin?
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Kiya Feb 25, 2013 @ 8:20am 
No - the game installs the old style EA download manager branded for Sims 3, and you can create an EA account login for the sims 3 website, but you do not have to create one if you don't want to. The game will install and run through steam in offline mode without registering an EA account or logging in. Most people end up registering the game through the sims 3 website anyway because you get a load of free stuff for the game for doing that, but either way - Origin is not required.

Just remember that you will need to buy all of your expansions for the game on Steam as well as all of the ones sold elsewhere are only compatable with the Origin version.
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Huggable Cube Feb 25, 2013 @ 8:24am 
thanks for that mate :)
Rubicon7 Feb 26, 2013 @ 9:15am 
You will not be able to use Sims3 Create a World with the Steam version. You are limited, they are not the same. Use Origin if you plan on using the CAW tool.
Kiya Feb 26, 2013 @ 1:07pm 
You can use the create a world tool with the steam version so long as you do not mind making a few edits to the windows registry. I wrote a guide on how to do that a few weeks ago.

Rubicon7 Feb 26, 2013 @ 1:10pm 
I read that and tried it, it does not work for me.
Kiya Feb 26, 2013 @ 1:34pm 
Which part did not work - getting the tool to install or getting it to work with the steam version?

Also, are you sure you downloaded the most recent version of the tool from the Sims 3 website as they recently updated it to work with the 1.50 patch to the game - if you downloaded the installer before the recent game patch that could be why it would not work.
Rubicon7 Feb 26, 2013 @ 2:40pm 
Getting it to work with the steam version. I do not get the do not have sims installed error, i get the wrong version error.
I did download the latest version of CAW, and even picked an older version off the web while trying and it has not worked. In my reg, i have the sims(steam) yet I also have the sims just above it. I have tried doing the regedit on the sims(steam) as you and others have described and end up with the same error, wrong version. I am at a loss why it will not work for me.
Rubicon7 Feb 26, 2013 @ 3:27pm 
well now this is embarrassing. I spent two hours yesterday trying to get it to work... I just reinstalled it, rebooted my computer for the heck of
I didnt even try touching the registry.. no idea why it works, but i'm not complaining. Disregard my above posts.. move along nothing to see here..
Kiya Feb 26, 2013 @ 4:17pm 
If you had already edited the registry with your previous attempts you shouldn't have had to do it again. Awesome, I'm glad its sorted for you :-D
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