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Scott Griffiths 2012年11月6日下午12:32
Ending Teidmann fight bug...
Fought my way to the end....where Teidmann shoots you with a Javelin Bolt...and the default key to pull it out is 'E', kept mashing that key only for me to die, tried it a handful of times afterwards to no luck, tried changing the key from 'E' to 'T'......still no luck, quit to the main menu and reloaded my save.....still no luck.....HELP!!
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Scott Griffiths 2012年11月6日下午12:35 
Is this a Bug or Glitch? I tried to Google some solutions but have'nt found nothing....
deltajt 2012年11月19日下午12:00 
its not a glicth your susspoed to die in the end
Scott Griffiths 2012年11月20日上午6:14 
Nope, had DS2 on xbox and ps3, i keep mashing the E key, and nothing happens, i did the same on Xbox and PS3 and I manage to get past it...
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