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bcallaghandesigns 2012年10月29日 16時40分
Dead Space 2 - PC vs PS3
I'm debating on getting this for my PS3 or PC. On one hand the game is on $5 on Steam but I don't know how well it will run on my machine, plus I love the feel of my PS3 controller. The game is currently on sale for $10 for PS Plus subscribers as well.

I'm currently running: Intel i3 530@2.93 GHz, 4GB RAM with an Radeon HD 6800 card.
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TeamCepot - Roadger 2012年10月29日 18時43分 
i think PS3
VII Imperial Fists 2012年10月29日 20時11分 
VII Imperial Fists 2012年10月29日 20時11分 
how old is your pc
bcallaghandesigns 2012年10月30日 4時35分 
cheroke113us の投稿を引用:
how old is your pc
Not too old, the video card, ram, motherboard and CPU are only about a year old, the other components range to almost 6 years old, but that's stuff like the tower and the optical drive
VII Imperial Fists 2012年10月30日 7時10分 
yo add me if you get it on here in plus ya you can run it so get it in if any one see this add me bcause i want some one to play with in multiplayer
K1 ATTACK 2012年10月30日 20時31分 
I had the same debate but i could not pass this offer of 4.99 vs 19.99 for the PS3, I got it and I love it since the first dead space and if you are wondering whether your computer can support this game always check can you run it just google it. it is the best website to tell you what you need to upgrade or whether you can play the game! here is the website

just look for dead space 2!
bcallaghandesigns 2012年10月31日 6時13分 
I appreciate the feedback guys. In the end I decided to get it on my PS3, it was only $9.89 because I have a Playstation Plus subscription. I just felt more comfortable on my PS3 console.

Isaac Clark, I got your friend request and accepted in case you ever want to play something else. I'm not on an awful lot but I have some multi-player games already when I am on.
McStorm 2012年10月31日 6時43分 
your pc should run this fine. Do you know if you have the DDR3 memory modules?. Your Graphics Card will handle the game with no problems.
The Black Signal 2012年11月1日 1時21分 
pc. I got a dual core @ 1.3 Ghz (which isnt all that good) and even at high graphics it moves seamlessly.
NotAnUndercoverCop 2012年11月1日 3時01分 
I've got both. I had it for the PS3 for a while. Then when I saw it on sale for only five bucks. I said f*** it and bout it. I'm glad I did. I notice you get all the DLC for free. I could have wasted $30 just buing suits and guns that Steam gave me free of charge. The graphics are much better (obviously) and if your PC isn't a beast. Just think, in the future you'll be able to play this game on a better system, so that may not always be the case. On the PS3 the graphics will never improve no matter what you do. So you're not saving $15, you're saving $45. This game is fully game pad supported. No worries about that being a problem for you. I see no reasons NOT to buy this game RIGHT NOW!!
mooki98 2012年11月1日 16時42分 
i say pc, i played this game on ps3 and i just think that the PC version has a better gameplay and it feels smoother.
Botakk 2012年11月1日 21時30分 
Obviously PC, provided you have good spec. :D
Doom Devil 2012年11月4日 10時27分 
FPS games suck on consoles
Aerohitman 2012年11月8日 19時27分 
Dude, download the motion thing so that you can use your controller on your pc and it'll feel the same but be cheaper and better graphics...kind of...
[Risk] Galiant 2012年11月14日 12時52分 
bcallaghandesigns の投稿を引用:
Not too old, the video card, ram, motherboard and CPU are only about a year old, the other components range to almost 6 years old, but that's stuff like the tower and the optical drive

I know you already made your choice, but I just had to butt in lol. Age of parts isnt the deciding factor... it could be brand spanking new but low end, or it could be 3 years old but was the top of the line then... you really need to know the details of your specs, like number of cores, speed, how much ram and what type, etc...

And on the PS3 controller thing, there are easy ways to sync a PS3 controller to a PC and use it for PC games.
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