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Fogarak 2012年10月29日下午1:49
Do people still play this games multiplayer?
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CptJellyPants 2012年10月29日下午3:31 
yes, I was playing just a moment ago :)
BreezySoundz 2012年10月29日下午4:18 
Yes, friend me and everyone else that responds to this. We need to get a community that we can play with
Buttfuckasaurus 2012年10月29日下午8:13 
yes add me to
ziiza 2012年10月30日上午11:32 
yea for sure, im downloading it now plan on playing later tonight
Sir Sparkle Butt 2012年10月30日下午4:39 
I'd like to, but none of my friends have it.
YatzZzy 2012年10月31日下午1:32 
People help! Introduced during the registration email does not exist and it was ea. Should I worry that my account may be closed due to not actually email?
maxshot 2012年11月1日下午3:43 
Yea i just got the game on here the other day anyone here friend me and we can play on multiplayer some time.
❆Snowdust❆ 2012年11月19日下午10:59 
MULTIPLAYER IS THE KING but they should of atleast did prestiges
正在显示第 1 - 8 条,共 8 条留言
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