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Traducción "Rome: Total War Alexander" Español 100% Textos y voces*
Yaratıcı: Raskaipika
Esta guía permite traducir el juego "Rome: Total War Alexander" al castellano de España, incluyendo textos y voces*. *Para una explicación detallada del propósito de esta guía, consultar la sección: "Notas sobre la versión Steam de R...
Winning Rome TW Alexander
Yaratıcı: Artorius
A Brief Guide to winning Rome TW Alexander...
The Alexander Campaign Guide
Yaratıcı: {FH} hkiss02
A detailed guide on completing the Alexander campaign. ...
battle editer/map editer
Yaratıcı: xbox king gamer
i was messing around with rome total war and in the files i found this if this crashs your game not my falt use at your own risk heres a video go to the commnets it wont let me post it in the Descripton so it in the commnts https://www.youtube.com/wa...
how 2 change the unit size by moding it alexander verson
Yaratıcı: xbox king gamer
first of all i want to say i dont know that much on wich numbers crash the game dont blame me and i will add a video later and maybe pics but its easy a nuff with out ether i found out how 2 do this my self by acadent when i was looking for some thang i f...