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Bang On! Jan 14, 2013 @ 10:44am
Multiplayer Leaderboard or Ranking System?
I would just like to put this out there if someone from Firefly Studios maybe looking. Will there ever be a leaderboard or ranking system for the multiplayer battles you have? It would be nice to know how many wins/losses you've had, which players you have played agains't/with and what maps you've played the most. It would be useful, even if its not uploaded online, if the data is simply logged in your personnal profile at home, i.e. 5W/8L Fav Map = DeadShore, it would be good.

Not to go agains't my own thought but I understand if Firefly don't want to have an online multiplayer ranking system as peoples' gaming attitudes change. For example with no public leaderboard people will play fair win or lose. But with a public rank displayed, some sad people will begin to cheat, disconnect before losing and put on a show that they're unbeaten. Making the online gaming experience tedious. This is where my idea of an offline personnal record would come in handy.

...and just in case you're wondering I've won about 30 and lost 3 so far :)
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Bang On! Jan 18, 2013 @ 8:43am 
...and now the win streek is about 50 wins 3 losses
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