Titans of Space 2.0

Titans of Space 2.0

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DrashVR  [developer] May 18, 2016 @ 1:56am
Tips & Tricks
TIP: If you're new to VR, please take frequent breaks! You do not need to finish the entire tour in one sitting. If you quit and come back later, you will have the option to continue where you left off.

TIP: There is more to the tour after the Solar System.

Fullscreen mirror:
In VR mode, a small mirror window will show up on the desktop. To make the mirror window fullscreen (for screen recording purposes or whatever reason), you can right click Titans of Space 2.0 in library -> Properties -> Set Launch Options, and enter "-mirror_fullres" without the quotes, and hit OK. Next time you run in VR mode, the mirror window will be fullscreen. For some, this may come with a minor hit to performance which is why it's not fullscreen by default.


Key bindings that may interest you (some are undocumented):

Escape key - Cycle through Help & Options menus (and dismisses them). Includes a diagram of whatever input device you're using and relevant button mappings.

F1 key - Recenter (VR)

R key - Restart tour

X key - Cycle protective frame mode: While Moving (default) / Always On / Off

Q key - Quit at any time (I think)

Tab key - Quickly fly to next tour stop if you're in a hurry. Pressing down on the right thumbstick does the same thing.
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