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Muslim Zionist Sep 24, 2016 @ 11:27pm
Bigger stars, galaxies, and so on?
Everytime you kicked it up to the next star my mind was just BLOWN. I just sat there nervously chuckling and contemplating the unfathomable immensity of Majoris. Is the effect just not as powerfull as you continue to show larger and larger objects?

Seriously though - the mere waves of Majoris are almost as large as our Sun. I just ... what.

Please think of more ways to blow my mind with scale!
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Vantskruv Dec 24, 2016 @ 11:05pm 
The biggest star we know as of yet is UY Scuti, but it is only 20% bigger than Vy Canis Majoris. So I think we already reached the biggest 'AWWW'-feeling when we compare the stars.

But what I would like in addition is a more eductational direction of the program, visually presented. I really appreciate you currently explaining the moons and planets in our our solar-system, and it would be interesting to educate about things like (both pedagogical, visually and entertaining) :

* How big can a star get?
* Show the stages of different type of stars birth to death with its stages.
* What happens thereafter, black hole or supernova?
* The birth and death of our sun showing what will happen.
* The size of the biggest black holes and galaxies.
* The map and approximated size of the Universe
* Black matter vs our matter
* Scientific explanation of just everything, 42.
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Vantskruv Dec 24, 2016 @ 11:08pm 
And also, I just want to thank the developers. My nephews, and my father, did really appreciate the size of things, and more greatly they got interested and read through the descriptions, learning about the planets and moons.

VR is very good to educate with, I wish this would be more.
DrashVR  [developer] Dec 26, 2016 @ 8:21pm 
Originally posted by "Muslim Zionist":
Is the effect just not as powerfull as you continue to show larger and larger objects?

That's the plan! This is an Early Access title with more content on the way.

Originally posted by "Vantskruv":
And also, I just want to thank the developers.

You're welcome, and thanks for the motivating feedback!

undelete Mar 20 @ 7:27am 
Hi! First off, thanks for a great space experience! It's difficult to explain, but Titans of Space really transports me out in to space, leaving earth behind. You are definitely a passenger on a spacecraft. It's a scary but great feeling, which is enhanced with the new feature realistic distances (love it!).

Anyway, I would really like to see objects like galaxies and black holes in Titans of Space as the creator of this thread asks about.

Some other feedback:
- Some textures feel very low-res, and it kind of breaks the experience a bit for me.
- I am missing the audio guide
- More of realistic distances, it really captures the "alone in the cold empty space"-feeling. Please do something more here!
- Background stars feel blurry, like a compressed jpeg is used(?). Perhaps less stars with more pitch black?
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