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DrashVR  [developer] Nov 29, 2016 @ 8:29am
Update #2 Changelog (Nov 28, 2016)
This update mainly focuses on some of the feedback I've received regarding control issues, and comfort issues. The new comfort mode took a lot of time and research to get right, and I've written about the challenges I faced here[www.drashvr.com]. I've also thrown in some minor content additions and facelifts here and there.

Meanwhile, work continues on bigger content and features that begin arriving in the next couple of updates after this one.


  1. New comfort mode! At the beginning, the experience will ask whether the player is sensitive to motion. The answer to this drives a ton of small changes as well as kicks in the new comfort mode. Note that you won't "lose" anything with either answer - the essence of the experience remains the same either way.
  2. Added a new planet! (It's not in our solar system)
  3. Made it more clear what you're getting when selecting Short vs Full tour.
  4. Eliminated the weird sensation some players experienced when picking seated-only mode.
  5. App loads more quickly.
  6. Lots of dashboard/cockpit polish (but still a WIP)
  7. For those using motion controls (Vive or Oculus Touch), controls should be way more obvious now since the controllers themselves are labeled appropriately at all times. Also, some controls have been adjusted based on player feedback.
  8. Reduced music intensity at Uranus.
  9. Added a motion warning to the Gravity Probe Launcher feature, as well as some clear instructions as to what to do.
  10. Fixed some jitteryness in Gravity Probe Launcher mode.
  11. Cockpit no longer visible in Gravity Probe Launcher mode.
  12. The extended features on the dashboard are now labeled when hovering over them.
  13. More obvious when additional pages of info are available, via indicator above the yellow icon on the left side of the dashboard.
  14. Updated lots of info text at various planets and moons with new info, and to draw attention to various features that players often miss.
  15. Improved responsiveness and feedback when trying the planet-spinning feature.

  1. Oculus Touch support added. (Make sure you launch in Rift mode by right-clicking 'Titans of Space 2.0' in your library and selecting "Launch on Oculus Rift in Other VR Mode.")

Motion Controls:
  1. User no longer has to worry about avoiding pointing at buttons while viewing a planetary closeup.
  2. Improved handling of hand controller disconnects and reconnects
  3. Improved button activation behavior - each hand can now independently activate a different button without "crosstalk".
  4. Can no longer physically activate the large "READY" button on the dashboard as players often accidentally hit this button before they were ready.

And many more small little boring improvements. :)
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