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Rhy 2013年7月29日 11時46分
How to train pandora?
Doesn't seem like anything I do changes how Pandora "plays." How do you teach pandora to grab every powerup?
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Skaery 2013年8月6日 15時41分 
Not 100% sure, but I think she tries to copy what your doing, so just keep grabbing them when playing her.
<M.o.K>Samurai Jack-ing Off 2013年8月17日 23時04分 
I've not gotten this one taken care of yet either. It is a shame this game didn't get more love. It is really unique.
fompahaha 2014年7月3日 7時22分 
I was trying to teach Pandora to take all items quickly: i didn't attack Pandora but i was taking all items quickly but after 100500 rounds Pandora continued ignoring all items T_T
I think Pandora didn't copy what i was doing these rounds (in Normal, in Strong, in Playful).
最近の変更はfompahahaが行いました; 2014年7月3日 7時25分
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