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A Good Game!
Despite all the hating on the other topic, i found this game to be really fun and challenging. It promised to be inspired by the Commandos & Desperados series (which i both love, except for the newest Desperado titles) and it delivered, some levels require that "planning ahead" style that makes me remember those long missions present on the Commandos series.

I belive many thought this was "Alien Swarm" kind of game and are now complaining about being a slow game, really its a strategy game, what did you expect.

I will, of course, admit that the game isnt perfect, how item selection is done is probably its main flaw, but you can get over it pretty quick as you play along the game.

If you loved Commandos or any strategy "squad commander" game, you will probably enjoy this one.
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wakham 2012年11月11日 11時45分 
Yeah, this game is awesome. I love it. A bit too easy once you get the gist of it.
Aye, once you get the hang of killing zombies in melee, only the butchers require more management :D
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You know, ive been looking at this game for at least a year. Deciding wether or not to pick it up. I finally took the risk and bout it today. I have to say I am really loving it. Its alot of fun and definetly a good Commandos Zombie type of game. Im glad I finally picked it up and didnt listen to all the negative nancys on the forums.
your posts guys encouraged me to get it, Im gonna get it, and talk about my experience with it.
I'll contribute as well with a positive comment, might buy this and good review since i enjoyed desperados 1.
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igor 2013年2月17日 8時31分 
short and easy, we need level editor
This game isn't good, the inventory have a disappear bug and its laggs oO. And no its not the fault of my pc, games like Tera and Borderlands 2 don't lagging ^^
This is one of the worst games I've bought on STEAM and I got it on sale. I hope the dev's house burns down to the ♥♥♥♥ing ground.
I also agree that this game is pretty good. Not groundbreaking or something to write home about, but for the price its pretty good. The characters have very small differences (like one character is a doctor, so he gets +++ when you heal with medipacks when he uses them), so you manage that to lead you into rooms (like who leads, who defends the rear, etc.). Again, simple and small differences, nothing major.

The cut scenes are just pictures and bad voice-acting. But eh, its zombies done in a campy corny 80s way- sometimes you need that. I play it for a few minutes everyday, usually more if i dont die right away.
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1-9 / 9 のコメントを表示
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