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Kuehnau 26 marca 2013 o 21:39
Don't buy; even when it's on sale.
This game had some really great promise, the idea of it was fantastic and at some point the developers just dropped the ball with this game. It's a total and utter mess and I encourage every single person thinking about buying this, even when it's on sale, to just burn your money, it'd be put to a better use.

They advertise the game as a "tactical real time strategy game". And while the game indeed has that dash of a 'real time element', many of the mechanics in the game can feel further from the fact. There is literally almost no actual strategy to the game either, unless you count running around obstacles and attacking things a "strategy". Most of the traps and environmental hazards in the game aren't worth using. It's quicker and easier to just directly kill the walking dead. The combat for me feels very turn based, considering there are even cool downs to attacks/skills/abilities, whatever.

People have compared this game to other games such as Fallout, Fallout 2, Xcom (classic) and even Never Winter Nights (what were they smoking?!). That is completely unfair to such quality titles that anyone would compare such a stinking pile of sewage to those games. Those excellent titles have NOTHING IN COMMON with Trapped Dead.

Then there is the game itself. I think they missed a huge chance here to have a interesting quest system in the game and instead they just decided to ignore that fact. The very first stage is a great example, you stop to get beer, if I recall correctly. There should have been some sort of side quest to actually get the beer and some sort of reward for doing so, instead the game completely ignores the reason why you stopped in the first place. Adding extra events and quests to the game would have easily livened it up.

I think there was also a missed chance at some sort of character growth, I never encountered any sort of character growth in my time with the game, although admittedly I spent only a small amount of time with said game. Looking online though, I do not see any sort of indication that there is any.

Another thing they missed, which should easily be a part of any zombie survival game is scavenging. A lot of the environments you'll encounter there appears to be oodles and oodles of places to search for supplies or weapons or whatever else you might want. But that actually isn't the case, supplies are left on the floor with a very clearly marked glowing circle on the supplies. It just looses a massive amount of feeling by doing it like this and doesn't encourage the players to explore at all.

The game itself is a massive, slow, clunky, technical mess, just look at the forums and you'll see there are people having issues with this game (there used to be many more complaint threads, I guess they removed them) and have you seen the system requirements for this? For a game that looks like it could have been released in the late 90's the system requirements are ridiculous at best.
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jenny 31 marca 2013 o 0:41 
hi, my boyfriend is a zmbie fan so i thought of buying this "commandos" with zmbies, but i had to pay 50 usd first, now its 3 usd and i think its ok, this game isnt good thts right but nw it has the price they should have begin to sell its.
Balooga 31 marca 2013 o 0:51 
You hit the nail on the head with this review.
Birdperson 3 kwietnia 2013 o 6:10 
wish i had read this before purchasing. what a piece of rubbish. goodbye $2.50, you could have bought me a soda
ChrisG 3 kwietnia 2013 o 8:32 
You forgot to mention the terrible save system.
Your review is great.
Niniimaa 12 kwietnia 2013 o 7:27 
This purchase was a mistake. Good review
Darkshadows 13 kwietnia 2013 o 15:16 
yeah i made the mistake of buying a 4 pack when it was on sale a year or so ago. i should have just used the money to buy lottery tickets because this is an even bigger waste.
Wyrd 6 maja 2013 o 5:17 
I saw the reviews, the scores, I gave it a chance. I'm not terrible at games. I died on the second level.

Any game where you can die in the tutorial without going out of your way to do so has some serious flaws.
Kuehnau 9 maja 2013 o 19:54 
Początkowo opublikowane przez derajay:
i got this game for 50 cents, its worth it xD. i try to play it when iam totally bored .

I wouldn't play this game if someone PAID me to play it. It's no worth it, it's a horrible waste of time, money, energy and file space.

The developers ruined what could have been a great game and should be ashamed.
Kuehnau 9 maja 2013 o 19:55 
Remember, you can't spell ashamed without ham.
Kuehnau 10 maja 2013 o 18:41 
Początkowo opublikowane przez brande77:
For 6 and a half bucks I got this game in a 10 pack of indie games at *
I haven't tried it yet, but that's pretty cheap.

Not cheap enough.
Wow, first look at this game and I thought it may be great. But second level, still tutorial, I die over and over again because the guy waits with his baseball bat to let the zombies bite him before he strikes them in the face and waits till they get up to hit them again. All when I do like the tutorial tells me... WTF?
Ajay 13 maja 2013 o 14:15 
Początkowo opublikowane przez Terminal Wargasm:
Wow, first look at this game and I thought it may be great. But second level, still tutorial, I die over and over again because the guy waits with his baseball bat to let the zombies bite him before he strikes them in the face and waits till they get up to hit them again. All when I do like the tutorial tells me... WTF?
so its not right to give the zombie the first move? dam know i understand that all the zombie games arent so hard... ^^
fezir 17 maja 2013 o 13:44 
My problem with this game is it seems to hate multiple screens. I have 3 screens here and the one that Windows considers number 1 is a laptop screen on the left and my main screen, number 2, is in the middle. The intro runs on the main screen just fine, but once the main menu loads it, it'll only go onto screen 1 and screen 2 turns black. Windowed mode doesn't work and this is pretty much unplayable.
Alex 4 czerwca 2013 o 10:23 
I agree 100%
Merle Dixon 12 lipca 2013 o 12:12 
"Don't buy; even when it's on sale." Totally BAD advice.
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