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Start_Running Nov 30, 2013 @ 5:15pm
Controls and Crashing
Nioce game, nice concept but there are still a few large bugs to work out it seems. Now the first is the random crashes and need I say that when you have only limited and distant saves in a mission that a sudden crash can pretty much undo quite a bit of progress.

Secondly.. the controls. If you're going to have a RTTSG Real Time Tacrtical Strategy Game, it would hel;p if the controls were a little less iffy. 25% of the time the selected character will literally just stand stock still not doing a thing , not moving, not attacking even when the command is issued.. Seriously!

Also it is far too easy to accidentally drop items and far too tricky to pass items between characters.

Devs, you may want to address these issues, if nothing else, the control glitches. Game difficulty should be about challenges and obstacles, not from never knowing when a character will or won't respond to issued commands,

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LoneWolfDon Nov 30, 2013 @ 9:48pm 
I've only been playing a little while, and the controls are aweful, quite unresponsive and clunky at best. Very difficult to fight / attack a zombie as my character tends to just stand there like a dolt while the zombie gnaws away at him, meanwhile the game generally ignores my commands to fight it. :p Looks like it would be a fun game if the controls actually worked and responded like they should. Also, my first time playing, my inventory box never showed-up, so I was unable to select the baseball-bat I picked up like it told me to. Had to restart and re-play a new game then it finally showed up. I'll give the game a couple of more tries, but so far I'm rather disapointed in how aweful / non-responsive the controls & commands are.

*Edit: Hmmm, looks like choosing to play in Windowed mode doesn't work either. :p Game is a nice concept, but so far quite buggy and poor implementation.
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