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Gwinda Dec 21, 2013 @ 5:11pm
WARNING: LevelManager: scene 'testarea.vscene' not found
Okay, since the Meridian4 support doesn't seem to bother I decided to try to do their job for them. I found a log file in the Trapped Dead folder under My Documents; engine.txt

At the end of the logfile I found this:
Engine initialized
WARNING: LevelManager: scene 'testarea.vscene' not found
DeInitializing Object Data...
DeInitializing World Data...
DeInitializing Surface and Texture Data...
Initializing Vision Graphics Engine
Detecting CPU type and features
Features: FPU MMX ISSE 3DNow!
Vision Core: Allocated 14 kB of memory for Entities
Settings renderer configuration
Vision Core: Allocated 34 kB of memory for Lights

It looks like the file 'testarea.vscene' is missing. I have reinstalled the game several times with no luck. This file is indeed missing!

When I do the "Verify Integrity Of Game Cache..." it says everything is fine.

Does anyone else have this problem or even the file in question?