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[DS9] Fireinthelol 2013年8月28日下午6:57
True angel achievement - dafuq?
No matter how careful I am, I always seem to lose 1 or 2 civilians even in the first mission, I generally stay the hell away from the cars taking civilians and shoot them down - what the hell am I doing wrong?
If anyone could please give any tips on how to do this achievement, that would be very helpful!
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Dean Demon 2013年9月4日下午12:19 
Just got this achievement today, mining the camp area is a good tactic
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Ambiguous Assassin 2013年9月13日上午7:23 
It's tricky I know, try to stay away from the area where the civilians and trucks are, so you don't shoot or run over them as they run back to the walls. Coincidentally, I tried it again today after a long pause - and did it!
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