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rd 2013년 2월 11일 오후 12시 58분
Enemies Bug
I 've been having some issues with the enemies, they move around and don't accomplish their objectives (go to the city and kill or steal people).

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Gibbobobo 2013년 2월 23일 오전 6시 16분 
I got the same problem, worked fine the first time I played it, but now everytime they just sit on the edge of the map and do nothing. Did you manage to get it working again?
rd 2013년 2월 23일 오전 10시 11분 
No, I just uninstalled the game. I think that we might send the questions to developers, and I hope that they will help us.
M. 2013년 3월 27일 오후 1시 55분 
I used to have this issue too, but after 1 year I installed the game again and it worked well...I think it might have something to do with drivers.

Original thread: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2469193
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