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No 3D rendering engine & No 3D accelerator errors and how to fix them.
by dux0r
If you bought Syberia from Steam or GOG and can't play it because of the "The 3D rendering engine could not be initialized" or "No available 3d accelerator" error messages, here's why, and what you can do to fix it....
Play Syberia with any audio / subtitle configuration available
by markoh00
If you like to hear one language in a game but want to read another in the subtitles - this guide is made for you. Often the performance of the voice actors in one language is better than in another or you may want to hear the original audio but still lik...
[Dr.Alex] Syberia - Русификатор
by dokartist
Русифицируем Syberia ... Желающим оказать спонсорскую помощь для написания руководств других игр пишите в личку и переводите средства сюда R24...