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GrumpyGoblin 2012年10月2日下午12:50
Game will not start. Opens the "Preparing to Launch Syberia..." window over and over.
Just loops open/close/open/close on the "Preparing to Launch Syberia" Steam notice that you see when you start any game. After a second, it closes, then immediately re-opens, and goes on and on until I finally am fast enough to click "Cancel"
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'- GD'F -' │Mu2S!ef 2012年10月5日下午10:54 
try to launch the game with the application on the folder SteamApps, Not directly with steam.
|UNiT| DayOfTheSheep 2012年10月10日上午2:43 
Try opting in to the steam beta then switching back or vice versa. Sounds like an issue with steam not the game itself.
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