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Clownboss 2012年8月18日 8時11分
Only the best game ever.
Well, maybe not *the* best, but I have yet to find a more romantic depiction of a true pilgrimage than in a game like this one. I mean, Kate pretty much sacrificed everything in her life to travel east and learn about a man she never met before. She realized his achievements are more important than anything she'd ever do. Now that's devotion.
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Medusa 2012年9月8日 15時25分 
Good review! I just finished playing and I agree - it's not THE BEST, but it's certainly a poignant little game with big heart. The story writing is EXCELLENT. The actual gameplay however, at it's best is fun and at times unnerving, and at worst is tedious and boring. But in all, I came out liking it, for all its foibles. (As Kate, I'd have more to say about Dan and his behaviour, however!! ;) )
Clownboss 2012年9月10日 10時44分 
Gameplay doesn't really matter, when you think about it. It's a very storyline-driven game.
Ranker psyché 2012年9月18日 6時29分 
Agree. one of the best i've played, the story is really amazing
Soggy 2012年9月26日 10時34分 
This is one of my most favorite adventure games...whether we are talking SCUMM or modern day. Beautiful world, interesting characters, fantastic storyline. The amount of detail and love put into this game really does show. I never found myself bored since even if the gameplay slowed down, I always wanted to know more about the finely crafted world I was in.
-Tails- 2012年9月26日 10時36分 
Steam version contains italian language?
araisikewai 2012年9月26日 11時01分 
The best gem out of microid from way back then for me is this series and post mortem-still life. Sadly the other game from Benoit Sokal's direction wasn't quite as charming and
to make it worse, still life 2 is a complete disaster.
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The Brown Hornet 2012年9月26日 13時55分 
3.74 on sale
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Angua Von Uberwald 2012年9月27日 7時29分 
I remember playing this when it first came out on Xbox....good times..
Greninja 2012年9月27日 9時01分 
It tells me that my 3D rendering engine could not be initialized. Any tips?
Intorios 2012年9月27日 9時10分 
Великолепная игра! Игра моего детства =)
powdersdream 2012年9月27日 9時25分 
this games has soul, thats for sure!! It is in fact with no doubt my favorite adventure games of all times. And i have played many;)
It's Just Waii2ez4rtz 2012年9月27日 15時14分 
It's definitely my number 2 after the Broken Sword series.
Oh man, these 2 games were my obsession. God, I loved adventures back then so much. The stories are amazing.
'- GD'F -' │Mu2S!ef 2012年9月28日 13時55分 
Hi all, I have a big problem ! when i launch the game (Syberia I) an error come. It say that, "The 3D's accelerator are disable, etc" I have an ATI Radeon HD 4850. Someone can help me?
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Xavi3R 2012年9月29日 11時32分 
'- @ -' Mussief の投稿を引用:
Hi all, I have a big problem ! when i launch the game (Syberia I) an error come. It say that, "The 3D's accelerator are disable, etc" I have an ATI Radeon HD 4850. Someone can help me?

Same here with Syberia 1. Running on Windows 8 and ATI 5830. Contacted Steam support. Any Suggestions will be appreciated. Syberia 2 still works like a charm.
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'- GD'F -' │Mu2S!ef 2012年9月29日 15時53分 
i find something to dodge the problem ! select in SteamApps directories the applications which name is "Game.exe". right click on this and select 8bit Color. Launch again the game it will work.
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