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NyoTheNeko 2013年7月17日 0時10分
Thank you very much for this game
So many good memories with this game! I used to play when I was litte, and finding it again on Steam made me very happy! So, thank you very much for putting it here! =D
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Black Lizard 2013年7月17日 21時25分 
Yes you have right, my girlfriend and I have bought this game on steam, with the Syberia 2 and we enjoy a lot play and help each other to finish the best story.
j4960s 2013年7月18日 4時03分 
i got 1 & 2 and i think they great but iam stuck in the train station were the birds are next to the ladder
evelyn 2013年7月22日 2時51分 
nyoTheNeko same here :)
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