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jaytpope 2013年7月1日 9時08分
Syberia - No Audio on Windows 7 outputting through HDMI on video card
Just bought the bundle, trying to play the game on my Windows 7 machine, outputting through HDMI from a Radeon HD 7870 XT graphics card. I'm getting no audio.

Anyone else run into a similar problem and have a solution? Thanks for any help.
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Lipici 2013年7月1日 10時04分 
I am getting only music sound, but no voice acting, menu sounds or anything else. I am using the onboard Realtek HD audio chip.
sunny234 2013年7月1日 10時56分 
No sound for me either. Hope someone can help.
Lipici 2013年7月1日 13時31分 
I found a solution to my problem. I extited the game. I went to Control Panel in Win7 and I set the Default values for the sound board. I started the game and all was fine. The sound FX, the music and the dialogues became audible. I hope this solution works for others too. Good gaming!
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