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~Blaze72~ 2013年3月6日 4時28分
AVG Antivirus deletes the exe
Yeah i brought the bundle today and then i went to play it after getting the update finished and then i get a message from my AVG
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Zanistos 2013年3月6日 13時46分 
same thing for me...i do what avg said...and he delete some file of the gale...result...i need to reinstall the game
~Blaze72~ 2013年3月6日 17時33分 
I got it working after that was done, don't need to reinstall the game

go into properties and verify the game chache
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ds9guy 2013年3月11日 14時38分 
I have the same problem. Reinstalling the game and verifying cache do nothing. All the game does now in steam is try to update.
Zashule 2013年3月12日 20時44分 
AVG's false positives are what made me switch to MSE. Never looked back. You may need to submit the exe to AVG and notify them that it is a false positive.
~Blaze72~ 2013年3月13日 0時52分 
How do you do that?

i've never done such a thing before
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