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~Blaze72~ 2013. márc. 6. @ de. 4:28
AVG Antivirus deletes the exe
Yeah i brought the bundle today and then i went to play it after getting the update finished and then i get a message from my AVG
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Zanistos 2013. márc. 6. @ du. 1:46 
same thing for me...i do what avg said...and he delete some file of the gale...result...i need to reinstall the game
~Blaze72~ 2013. márc. 6. @ du. 5:33 
I got it working after that was done, don't need to reinstall the game

go into properties and verify the game chache
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ds9guy 2013. márc. 11. @ du. 2:38 
I have the same problem. Reinstalling the game and verifying cache do nothing. All the game does now in steam is try to update.
Zashule 2013. márc. 12. @ du. 8:44 
AVG's false positives are what made me switch to MSE. Never looked back. You may need to submit the exe to AVG and notify them that it is a false positive.
~Blaze72~ 2013. márc. 13. @ de. 12:52 
How do you do that?

i've never done such a thing before
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