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Roarschach 2013年3月6日 0時21分
4 Dollars now for 2 parts of a a real adventure
Buy these 2 magnificient games. 4 bucks, that is like, what, a quick meal at a fast food restaurant?
If you are into P&C adventure games then you don't want to miss this one, as it is one of the milestones of its very own genre.
If you have thought about picking it up but the price was too high before with 9 dollars for each of the two games - shame on you! (:P) - get it now!
The music and the cutscenes are gorgeous. And it runs on every computer imaginable, even on a cheap netbook(!) like mine.

Have a nice day
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dementedlullaby 2013年3月7日 14時26分 
Just paid 3.74 for the bundle. Super cheap, looks great.
ChevyNoel 2013年3月7日 18時27分 
dementedlullaby World Eaters の投稿を引用:
Just paid 3.74 for the bundle. Super cheap, looks great.

Same goes for me, word for word.
blckruc47 2013年7月1日 4時33分 
Finally able to catch the bundle when it went on sale here. I hate paying full price for anything. The games are fun and I look forward to playing them on my train ride across the country this month.
Impish 2013年7月20日 19時49分 
Oh god it's point and click? Thanks for the warning...
Herr Köppels 2013年7月30日 3時11分 
Good old point & click games. <3
1-5 / 5 のコメントを表示
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