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Sam Stone 2013年5月17日下午5:28
Anybody finished the game?
thinking about doing that as a goal this summer but I don't know the length required to finish it. Used to spend 5 hours on my old computer for this game but still didnt beat it so I don't know this is a good game as a goal for backlog
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NetiYeti 2013年5月17日下午11:43 
Yeah, took me roughly 15 hours to finish the game, I did get a bit lost a few times though
最后由 NetiYeti 编辑于; 2013年5月17日下午11:48
Sam Stone 2013年5月17日下午11:55 
that's a huge amount of play time...well relatively to an adventure games of course. thanks for filling me with the info, I also don't like using guide, mind if I ask you whenever I got stuck at some parts of the game 'cuz last time I used the guide I could not stop readding the rest of the chapter. Also, did you also finish Syberia 2? might end up playing it too but I still have the whole broken sword triology to play =D
NetiYeti 2013年5月18日上午3:15 
I don't have Syberia 2 yet, planning to buy it sometime in the future :)
I guess it would be possible to finish in less than that, but I like to take my time, plus I didn't use the guide so I did spend some time just running around. You can ask me, if you want to, but I won't be online much until mid- July... I have exams

Oh, I really liked the first Broken Sword game - not as long as Syberia, but quite interesting :)
Yep, finished full bundle est for 19 hours. Simply awesome game.
Sam Stone 2013年5月18日上午10:25 
@poisonapple haha, don't worry, I mean in the summer, around July-August for me, I am too having lots of exam coming up. I like the broken sword series mostly because of of its cartoonish theme similar to the Runaway franchise =D

@wadmika: 19 hours for both of them? I aint that smart to go through every area quickly :)
Acebrandon117 2013年6月3日上午12:42 
TheScorpion 2013年6月25日下午6:30 
Is a long adventure, there are many moments when it's really hard to find out what to do. The problem is that as many adventures, there is 0 replay value unless you really have a bad memory and don't remember how to move on in each part.
My friend and I did it in 7 hours!
Nitto 2013年7月7日上午10:15 
I finished Sybiria in about 15hour, but this in not my first atempt :(
And now I'm playing Syberia II.
Daniela 2013年7月13日上午5:16 
Nice time:)
ivlmag 2013年7月13日上午6:39 
8 hours
eiren 2013年7月14日上午1:02 
Such a great game. About 15 hours should be right for first playthrough.
Sky 2013年7月16日下午3:43 
It took 10 hours for me! I told the whole story to my mother and sometimes we solved some puzzles together haha. Great game :)
Puzzlefuzz 2013年7月19日下午8:28 
This is one of the few adventuregames that have really had an impact on me intellectually and emotionally. It took me about 30 hours to play through both parts of it, and I was in awe all the way. It was even one of those very rare gems that made me shed a tear. There are probably only one adventuregame ever made that took me longer, and gave me the similar amount of joy; the mastepiece "The Longest Journey", it took me about 50 hours, but what a journey! So if you want some adventure that means something, that reach deeper that most adventuregames are ever able to, just play Syberia, it is an epic and involving story! Second best point and click game to date, and I have played them all.
最后由 Puzzlefuzz 编辑于; 2013年7月19日下午8:33
KyleKatarn 2013年8月23日下午8:32 
Took me about 10 hours and I enjoyed it, but I did look up a few of the puzzles along the way. A few of them could have used better direction but they aren't impossible.
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