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Daisuke89 2013年3月13日 20時52分
Anyone else experienced this?
From a new game i ended up going to the house with the cemetary, but after checking the door, main character says its locked and once she starts climbing down the stars she vanishes, i can hear the sounds of the birds and music, but characters are all vanished. I cant hit escape or anything, had to ctrl+alt+del out of it. Anyone has had this happen to them? if so, any way to fix it?
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Stingray 2013年5月1日 13時44分 
I've had this happening while entering the church through the back door. Very irritating.
HellGhost 9月8日 8時41分 

Any fix for this ?
Daisuke89 9月9日 14時56分 
posted last year, still nothing only. only fix was to restarted game from beginning or reinstall game.
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