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skidpro Feb 4 @ 7:42am
Why does this game run fullscreen 16:9 WS on dsktop PC but borders 4:3 on laptop?
Both PCs are same specs except the laptop has 765M Nvidia Grfx whereas the desktop has 770 gtx, and desktop is 23" ws monitor and laptop 17.1" WS monitor, what is the issue here?
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skidpro Feb 4 @ 7:43am 
ahh the laptop has win 8.1 wheareas the desktop is win 7 but still shouldnt matter?
Focuspuller Feb 4 @ 3:44pm 
It's probably a monitor setting issue. I had the same thing until I changed my setting on my Samsung monitor. I hope that helps.
skidpro Feb 4 @ 4:39pm 
ok I will check...what settings am I checking?
skidpro Feb 5 @ 5:15am 
ah, Nviida control panel...full screen not aspect ratio solved the problem:)
Roman_MX Feb 7 @ 12:57am 
And how to be Radeon users?
skidpro Feb 7 @ 10:29am 
I have laptop with that but its 1600x900 anyway fills fullscreen anyway
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