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noodledream Jun 25, 2014 @ 2:57pm
How do I remove navigation buttons (Mac/Steamplay)?
Hello! I just got Syberia and am playing it on my Macbook with Steamplay. I've played it on Windows PCs many times previously, however. When I play it on the Mac with Steamplay, ALL of the navigation buttons (or whatever their official term is) show up at ALL times and it's kind of irritating to me. When I played Syberia on the Windows PCs, these buttons didn't show up at all times, just when you hovered over certain things, I believe, though it's been a while. To be clear, by navigation buttons, I am talking about those little golden magnifying glasses that you click to zoom in, pick something up, or go to a different screen. Is there any way to get these buttons to not show up? Is this some sort of glitch or is this just how Syberia for Mac Steamplay works? I looked in the Syberia options but I didn't see anything to change it, though maybe I just missed the option... Thank you in advance. Hope my message wasn't too wordy or weird sounding; I am really new to using Steam!
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