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pantsDeLeón 2012年10月2日 22時24分
Help adjusting mouse sensitivity?
The mouse swings the camera around way to fast for me even on the slow setting. I can't tell a difference between them anyway, so maybe they're all "fast." It becomes a relief when the scene focuses on a painting or desk where mouse look is disabled. Any ideas?
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Burrakooka 2012年10月29日 19時38分 
Link goes to the sticky in the proper forum. The first and last posts are worth trying.
pantsDeLeón 2012年10月30日 9時25分 
Thank you. I thought Steam folded all the forums into the community pages.
Burrakooka 2012年10月31日 0時08分 
Unfortunately not. They decided to put this version front and center and bury the regular forums but thankfully not remove them. You can still use a tiny link on the Discussions main page to get to them and all the helpful info within.
AgustinCordes 2012年11月28日 3時28分 
Another suggestion: the fast panning can be due to the inability to set vertical sync. Make sure your video card drivers are updated and vertical sync is set to "controlled by application" in your driver (e.g.: ATI panel).
_StanleyTweedle_ 2013年8月29日 3時18分 
This post made this game playable for me ! I never considered those simple steps. Have a cookie !
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