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Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes

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Nax_o Sep 24, 2013 @ 10:47am
I want to believe - how to play this game properly?
I'll just ignore the nay sayer threads here right of the bat and say i am somewhat intrigued by this game. I am currently at the mission after Station Wish where i must rescue the blond girl.

The UI at this point really bothers me. Can someone fill me in on some good basic strategy / key shortcuts / other tips that will make this game bearable?

Here are some misc questions i dont understand also:

1) i can't figure out why some characters get stuck on certain spots. why is certain terrain unpassable if i just walked through there
2) related to above: how do i know how far character can walk?
3) initiating combat - i just hate it when i walk drake to nearest enemy and the rest of the squad is away. how do i move them all closer in a better formation?
4) Game starter - it takes several minutes for me to start the game. some configtool.exe initiated by the main runtime .exe really likes to take it's time when this game starts. DRM perhaps? anything i can do about this?
5) is there actualy a game underneath here or should i just look at youtube for the best gags?
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Gavener Dec 28, 2013 @ 1:01pm 
I just use C when it is the characters turn i want to Heal - Buff potion or Change gear of, so it's not a lot C right click a few things C done. yes i kinda wish each character had like a belt for 1-3 items but then couldnt share as easy.

1. ive been rooted can not move at all before hit Backspace if nothing, Save another save file to be safe, then reload, if presists then reboot, works for me. terrain can be weird some times try rotating the map, look under options at Controls helps a lot.

2. might be a option for highlighting, but on the map for me its light blue for my walking zone, kinda cool you can move and loot and move as much as you want in the blue light tiles, then move, defend, wait.

3. i try to move slow even regrouping so that doesnt happen, Maidens can target stuff off of cliffs so works well to pick off mages etc.

4. Sorry can not help you there, maybe make a post about that in Tect support.

5. i really like it, if you read all the dialog and read the hidden puns it's fun only a 10 hour or so game, and has easy Achivements.

i am in the last area of this game, can't wait to play part 2 and there 3rd game got Green lighted !

Peace Warrior of Glory
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