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yeeyoh Feb 17 @ 11:02am
Worth it ?
Well it's 50 cents and the download doesn't look that big so I guess the question becomes is it worth the bother. I like real time strategy games, have been playing htem since starcraft (1). Anybody having fun with this ?
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Etherlight Feb 17 @ 1:12pm 
You'll get more fun of out this than throwing two quarters into a lake and watch the ripples.
Mr. i Forgot Feb 17 @ 5:13pm 
A buddy of mine bought this for himself and me, and thus far, it's pretty tough to play, at least on my own. Might be a little more fun once I get to play with another person (although it doesn't have online multiplayer). Overall, I'd probably pass on this though.
nynja Feb 18 @ 12:59pm 
Good game (IMHO). Played at times when didnt know about steam and about online shopping at all. Completed campaign in non-official version.
And I agree - this game not for all. But for this price - just give a try.
(sry about any grammatical mistakes)
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yeeyoh Feb 18 @ 5:54pm 
Thanks for the input. I have read your comments... I've found collecting games through steam can be as much about time management as about money management. As in it's nice to take the time to play the games I already own once in a while, so I think I might pass on this.. I have no shortage of RTS games to play, just nothing new in a while (eveybody seems determend to try and reenvent the wheel, hence my interest in this game).
Nax_o Mar 11 @ 6:42am 
Early on in the game and i'm having fun this far. Not so bad for a game that is almost free.
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