Darkragnar Jul 11, 2013 @ 9:14pm
Is this game worth playing now that its 2$ on sale
I always heard about this game when it wasnt released and wanted to play it , but after it came out i heard alot of negative points about this and havent looked into playing it , but now that its on steam and i wanted to know if its worth playing? i loved to play the orignal 2d Close Combat series when they came out and was hoping this is a 3d version of that.. so is this game worth pickingup during this sale?
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Nightmare Moon Jul 13, 2013 @ 8:05pm 
Yeah but it is extremly complex so be wise when playing because it is very life like rts troops die from single bullet ha.
EvilMustDie Jul 24, 2013 @ 5:22pm 
Too many bugs, which ruined the game. After all these years, there are still bugs, which seriously effect the game. (The most annoying one is 'Enemy Artillery support':
There are some 'triggers' on the map, i.e if one of your tanks/inf crosses a certain line on the map, the AI calls in artillery support. Normally no problem with that, if the AI would call the arty on the units which it sees. But Arty AI 'knows' where most of your units are concentrated, and calls in the arty support right on their heads, even if most of your units are hidden prone at the start zone as far as possible from the enemy. The enemy usually gets an arty strike every 300 seconds (depends on difficulty), so basically after 2nd arty barrage you don't have any infantry left to capture anything. (But AI controlled units don't know your location, i.e enemy tanks will search for you, going to the last location where they saw you, so you can lure them into ambushes.)
Basically if you scout an area before attacking, you trigger enemy arty support, and AI kills your units which are hidden (behind hills, woods, far from enemy, doesn't matter where.
(In the mission editor it is possible to disable enemy arty support, but then the game becomes unrealistic.)
Kraken5886 Jul 30, 2013 @ 3:36pm 
Well, war thunder (Same engine and devs of IL-2) are making their army part of the game soon, so its better if you wait for that to be realeased and enjoy the epic dogfighting game untill then.
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