Star Wolves 3: Civil War

Star Wolves 3: Civil War

*Spoilers* Does anyone know anything about this "tablet artefact"?
In the precursor system (trace a line north from the portal & west from the second waypoint and its roughly where the lines intersect) I found a piece of "strange debris" that looks almost like a piece of a ship. It had a small flashing red light on it. When I blew it up I got an "artefact" which turned out to be an alien tablet. When you examine it the tablet is described as "not being precursor in nature." Also there is a poem written on the tablet....

"Another war, another fight.
Blood being shed like water.
We are but cogs of a war machine
Sent right into a slaughter.

There is no end to killing,
The body count is huge.
Our guts are here for milling.
Madness is our refuge.

No dusks or dawns in space, alas.
We've lost the sense of time.
But there's a star that shines so nice.
Its light keeps me alive.

If I live through this bloody mess,
I'll grab a ship and fly at last
To what has been my shining guide -
That star, alluring and so bright."

I'm curious to know more about this whole tablet and poem thing, but strangely searching the net hasn't turned up anything. In fact the only mention of it I can even find is a single forum post asking if anyone found anything in the precusor system aside from a tablet with a poem. The reply to this message only pointed out the hidden stash at the Starhammer memorial. Nothing said of the tablet. So, if anyone else happens to know more about this tablet and poem I'd love to hear it...
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(AJSA) GreyKnight Sep 22, 2013 @ 6:16am 
i cant even get past the precusor system, dem alien ships rip through me like a katana. but as for that poem, it could be from those who were fighting the berserks, just my opinion
The precursor system can be a bit rough depending on how fast you reach it. When I went there I already had some people in generation 5 ships so the combat wasn't too big of an issue. One piece of advice though... missile defence of some kind is a must in that place. Those alien missiles are deadly. The one type of them causes the ship it hits to take continous damage for a period of time so if you don't stop it from hitting you then you need to make sure that ship is getting constant repairs until it wears off.
B★RS Nov 20, 2013 @ 11:45pm 
Interesting.....this is even my first time of hearing about this tablet.....and I've played this games playthroughs....ALL of them....if I were you I would go onto the forums and make a thread about this, see if anyone is willing to try and find this out and everything, who knows what it could lead to, money? new ship? secret mission? who knows......but I for one am going to now start from scratch and get to the precursor systems for sure, you have given me quite the ambition to play this game once more, I shall see if i can come up with any answers.......i swear im getting as intrigued as Phantom in that game >.> LOL
PS I had this game once upon a time but then i ended up losing it :/ luckily it was on sale today :p
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BOYCOTT S-T-E-A-M! Nov 20, 2013 @ 11:56pm 
@ ThereShallBeWings - Wasn't actually expecting to ever see another response in this thread. Glad to hear your response though! I haven't played the game since then and likely will not be firing it up again but the description of the items location in my initial post should be pretty much dead on accurate aside from the issue of height. Since you've played the game a bunch I'm sure you'll have no trouble finding it. Essentially, aside from seeing the picture of the item in game there doesn't seem to be more to see about it than just the poem itself and the item description.

Despite the fact that I'll likely never get around to running through that game again I'd still love to know more about the tablet with the poem. Looking forward to anything you might find out...
B★RS Nov 21, 2013 @ 12:08am 
Sure thing, and yes I do have around a good impression of THAT location your talking about, I will report back to you on my findings once I end up getting there during my time playing this game once more, otherwise may not be till a few days. Wish me Luck - Wings
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