Mr Data Jul 31, 2013 @ 6:14pm
This game is very poor quality
I would recommend not spending £19.99 on this game, I'm somewhat glad I got it for nothing as the game from my pov isn't worth anything.

The game itself is poor in the fact in the tutorial I shot down my instructor and apparently he was "show down".

I wasn't going to play this game until I saw it had trading cards. I might just leave it running in the background, collect the cards then sell them.

After that it's being uninstalled.
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Komissar Gebet Nov 21, 2013 @ 9:38am 
Well, my friend. This game is definitely not perfect and I guess not all puns can ever be even translated into English. But the tutorial shows nothing of the game.

Besides at first you get just a pile of junk to fly, luckily even pirates don't waste their time on you... but then the scale gets more and more serious and so the missions. Never delivered a bomb to make a big BOOM to an 'innocent' rebel space station? Well, you can get one from the Viper. Fending off aliens... well... save scumming becomes your friend.

The interface is poor yes, but I made mora than a half of possible walktroughs. Never regretted the time.

Still the game is not for sissies.
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