Star Wolves 3: Civil War

Star Wolves 3: Civil War

Chaka (FR) Nov 28, 2013 @ 5:48am
The nebula cloud problem. (almost at beginning)
Hello, if you are stuck there and die a lot...

I know how to pass this place...
First, when you teleport from the gate, dock all your fighters or you'll lose them.
Head to the Elio portal.

When Ternie says to go to nebula cloud, go there...

In the cloud, choose the second option to lure a fighter.
Go to the new waypoint (continue to keep your fighters docked).
Immediately, when Ternie says to scram go back to new waypoint in the cloud.
(if you wait too much you will die!)

Once again in the cloud at the new waypoint...
Just wait and look the fight. When Ternie says go to new waypoint, don't go immediately.
Wait the fight you are looking is over.
Go to the waypoint. You must still have your fighters docked.

Once at the waypoint. Here you are alone and quiet near the turrets.
Go far away of the turrets. This is like going north-east on the map...
When you have no more turrets on your radar, you are safe...
You can fly to Elio portal again and now you can use your fighters again...
(be prepared to face enemies)

Enjoy! Worked for me. ;)
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DaetherX Nov 28, 2013 @ 10:38am 
I chose to lose them by charging through the defensive line. As soon as I got to the waypoint in the cloud though, (after dying on this quest a dozen times) I saved and just headed northmost point on the map then headed west to the portal where another event happened. No turrets or enemies along the way until I got near the jumpgate.
Mikey Dec 17, 2013 @ 9:10pm 
Go through the defenses guys. Soooooo much easier than timing things with the patrols.

You move to the nebula waypoint, chose the option to "charge through".
Move to the waypoint inside the defenses, there is a big gapping hole directly in your path from waypoint A to waypoint B and turrets wont fire on you.
Once beyond the perimeter 3 fighters will spawn next to you and run away. Try to kill all three, you can use your fighters but don't launch them too early.
If you didn't kill all three they will alert their bosses and they will have a little surprise party set up for you once you leave the defended area, this is the same group that attacks the transports at the Elio gate btw so you will only have one fight on your hands regardless, either at the area or at the gate never both. Gate is preferred though as you have backup there.

Before leaving Achilles dock at the trade station, don't worry the patrols will ignore you, and buy a hull repairer if possible. Will keep you alive
rapeevit Dec 20, 2013 @ 8:22am 
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