Cobras Jul 1 @ 12:33pm
Please read this!
To make it clear, anyone ever had the idea to start shooting asteroid groups on sight, just to see if drops some loot?
So, i had that idea and then i shoot the first asteroid group i ever come across in the game.
Then some mother♥♥♥♥ing Templars pop out of nowhere with some ultra mega powerfull stuff.
I was playing in late game, and i couldn't kill half of then, even with mercs.
I just wanted to know if anyone ever found them and if you got any info on them.
You the game is russian, the community is little and the biggest part of it is russian too,
Too bad i dont speak russian, so i was asking u guys know something.
I'm going to play to take some screenshot.

Now it is worthy to buy SW1 and 2? are they good? do you guys know any good mods? and there is any other game like this (same ship control,exp and combat) but a open world(aside from space rangers)?

THx in advance guys. cya.

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Celeryjack Jul 2 @ 3:38pm 
Dude, I can barely undertand what are you were trying to say. Only thing I can suggest is to hire mercs.
Cobras Jul 2 @ 11:37pm 
Now it is clear, sorry i just made the other one in a hurry, and my english is not that bad but not that good, anyway thx for replie bro.
Cobras Jul 4 @ 7:56am 
Xanathoss Jul 8 @ 4:27am 
Probally you flight into Templars system. If you act aggressively near they stations or posts (including even few asteroids points) they attack you.
Nobody will be happy when you demolish their home :)
Cobras Jul 8 @ 6:40am 
It is not their system, it is the first one you are when start a game, it is MSF system I think, no one even say about the Templars in the game or if they got any controled system, I Just shoot some Asteroid Groups that the MSF or Triada or Pirates in that system didnt care, and then those MFs pop out.
Xanathoss Jul 8 @ 6:51am 
Really strange :/ Maybe bug? script working not properly? or just hidden event :)
Cobras Jul 8 @ 7:00am 
yep Hidden event that nobody will know cuz community is russian...
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