WarFerret Jul 4 @ 11:41pm
This game is no good. It auto-kills you often even for fights you have the power to beat.
If you dont follow where the GAME wants you to go it just auto-destructs your ship. Even if there are no enemy around it will just fabricate some and switch to a cut scene where it blows you up. Screw this game.
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Cobras Jul 5 @ 3:17am 
This is a Linear game they focused on the story, which is quite good, and the late game story of the berserkers and the aliens are pretty good, but they lack the free roam and the enrichment of the lore, like, I shoot an asteroid group and pop out loads of Templars dunno why, then in the
X-## systems i shoot an ancient ship and ancient ships(Not aliens) started to attack me. They make some things with no sense at all, but the gameplay got potential to be a good freeroam game, they just didnt had the budget.
Just a Tip save the game often, still a game worth while to play I've spent 45 hours on my first playthough(I had loads of saves, and I tried different ways sometimes). Cya bro
Thawitchking Jul 5 @ 5:30am 
that only happens in one mission as far as i know after you just exit the portal into the jerusalem system you got to go streight to another portal
WarFerret Jul 5 @ 11:20pm 
So , gave it another shot. Now its just freezing on the loading page when I try to move from one area to another. This has happened about 3 times now. I reload and even try to go to the next quest location via the opposite way and still freezes when I try to leave the map im on (Debris-1). So Im still saying the game auto blowing you up ( which happens far more than just that one place like the guy above claims ) is garbage... and now I cant even play the game because the save game I am on freezes any time I try to zone out of the current map to another one.

Poorly executed. Poorly written. I WANT to like this game. It seems like it could be fun .. but with the bugs that keep me from advancing the plot ... and the programmed in limitations of where I can go to it isnt happening.
Thawitchking Jul 6 @ 7:55am 
that sucks you are having so many problems with it
Xanathoss Jul 8 @ 4:20am 
I don't agree. I play this game a lot of time.
True is fact that game have linear story moments that restrict you to one story way, but you can take advantage of some missions to travel through whole system, like example explore edge of galaxy having only Mastiff and two pilots to find secret stashes :)
In game are moments that force you move in story line, but there also many moments when you can go free before you reach destination.
Its schame that game has very less or no support, that mean no more patches with bug fixes.
My final opinion, game is good but not work to end by devs.
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