Space Monkey76 2012年9月5日下午3:50
Crash at the Dam level
Now that this is on saleand more people are plaing it, has anyone else experinced a crash on the tank level? It happens evertime and it is right where I last saved it?? :(
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¤CvG¤™ PuRPle-Ros3 2012年10月1日上午6:49 
i have same problem big warning and games shuts down
wolfvision3 2014年4月8日下午3:18 
It has a save issue with the game. You have two options, your saves and the game saves are different. Remember ever time you you save F5 it will load to that save, so before you continue go to the ingames saves and use it, not your created save, because it is over written and causes of crash, before you enter the game use games auto save. I hope this makes since. Weird game. Your saved game is messed up and you have to start back at checkpoint. I know I've done it.
wolfvision3 2014年4月16日下午7:19 
1C in Russia owns the game, steam support sends you to Aspyr thru their help pages, than Aspyr says not their game it's 1C, I have tried to explain to Steam Support, lost cause. I have the same issue you described. no one cares at steam, contact valve who owns steam. I am.
wolfvision3 2014年4月19日下午4:33 
What I have concluded that Steam is all about the buck, which is my opinion, we are told by the troll hunters that 3rd party games are the the full responsibility of the developer and not steams they just sell per contract. No responsibility, none. So I say good luck to the troll hunters to stop the truth about bad games being willfully sold by steam to make that buck and leave the customer out in the cold.
medion_no 2014年9月8日上午4:15 
Begin the level anew, save, and try to use another tunnel to cross ( the part with right or left options) and continue the level. If one game crash reaload and use the other tunnel. Its the most common error in the tank level.
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